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Innovation is the driving force for the continuous development of an enterprise. Without innovation, there will be no progress. Without innovation, there will be no development. Okes people's innovative culture is reflected in the product development and production. Faced with the increasingly homogeneous and vicious competition of the current products, Okes research and development team find the crux, play innovative spirit, dare to jump out of the shackles, break through the conventions, innovate boldly on today's products, and ultimately develop products in line with market demand, deeply green by consumers. Gai's high-end new products have successfully solved the bottlenecks in the application of existing products.

Innovation culture

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the key to the development of an enterprise. It is hard for an uncultured enterprise to imagine that it can grow and expand. What is corporate culture? Corporate culture refers to the sum of common consciousness, values, professional ethics, norms and norms formed through social practice and followed by all members under certain social and economic conditions. It is a value-centered enterprise or an organization formed in its own development process. The unique cultural management mode is a kind of invisible power and capital to gather people's hearts to realize self-value and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Okes Lighting Appliance is an enterprise with rich cultural connotations. Okes'team is also a team with cultural connotations. It is also an integral part of Okes' corporate culture. It is praised by the industry for its profound humanistic concern. In addition, Okes corporate culture has more unique content, including innovative culture, learning culture, team culture, bright culture four aspects.

Okes is engaged in the lighting industry, is also a bright career, of course, the pursuit of Okes is also a bright culture. By producing products that bring light to the world, Okes endows the world with a bright connotation, allowing the people of China and the world to enjoy the products and services of Okes, and at the same time spreading the bright culture of Okes to every corner of the world. Guangming culture is the eternal pursuit of Okes people.

Company Culture

Learning culture

Okes focused on creating a good learning environment, and took the lead in advocating the formation of the most competitive learning organizations, and created the industry's first training institute. From the top to the ordinary staff, from marketing to production: from management to the workshop, everyone strives to learn the "front row soldier". Okes senior officials do their best by saying what they teach. They use their own silent language to guide each employee to understand their own shortcomings, so that they can get faster growth, win greater harvest, and do not regularly internal communication, external learning, broaden their horizons, give play to advantages, make up for shortcomings.

Team culture

There is no perfect individual in the world, only a perfect team. Just as the ruler is long and the inch is short, a person's five fingers are not always long and short. Enterprises do not need heroes to fight alone. Enterprises need elites who are dedicated and happy. Only through teamwork, will all the members of a team play their own strengths, the team's strength will be maximized. Okes attaches great importance to the construction of team culture, and implants the concept of team into the hearts of each team member, put it into action, and give full play to the spirit of team cooperation. Okes also promotes team cohesion, teamwork and combat effectiveness by organizing outdoor training activities for employees.
The Okes believe that only by turning themselves into a drop of water and merging themselves into the ocean of the Okes family can they be immensely effective. Pan Zhenhua believed that Okes was a platform with all sorts of rivers and tolerance. He was willing to do Bole to discover the thousand-mile horse and give the talented people wings to fly. Just so-called "with the tiger, must be a beast of prey; with the Phoenix fly, must be a handsome bird," with Okes colleagues in Pan Zhenhua's leadership team culture interpretation of a vivid!

Bright culture

Company Culture